Pastor Jeff’s Adult Sunday LIFE Group

Pastor Jeff’s Sunday LIFE Group meets every Sunday, after English worship service.

Location: Moberly Elementary School
Room: Second-floor library, enter through east side door.


Following the Way-The Challenge of Jesus’ Parables

Jesus’ parables are all about the Kingdom of God, but they are more than nice, picturesque illustrations.

His parables question us, challenge the normal standards and securities in our lives, call for our whole-hearted response, and invite us to walk in radically different ways.

God’s Kingdom comes as sheer gift from God’s incredible loving kindness, a gift that we must receive and make our own. The personal power of God is setting things right in our world and in our lives. We are called to acknowledge God’s sovereign power and Jesus as the Lord of the kingdom already present in our midst.

Jesus’ parables reveal a new world and a new way of living. The parables take us into the mind and heart of Jesus. These stories answer our questions: What is God like? What does it look like to live in relationship with God? Why does it matter?

Below is the schedule of topics:


12 A Brief Introduction to the Parables: What They Are, Why They Matter, How to Understand Them
19 God’s Initiative: The Labourers in the Vineyard
26 God’s Initiative: Growth and Life


3 Receiving the Kingdom: The Treasure in the Field and the Pearl of Great Price
10 Receiving the Kingdom: The Dishonest Manager
17 Living the Kingdom: The Rich Man and Lazarus
24 Living the Kingdom: The Pharisee and the Tax Collector
31 At the End–The Rich Fool

Note: Beginning in November until summer 2011, Wi-Guan Lim will be teaching a new course, entitled 1 Corinthians: The Challenges of Life Together. This will be a section-by-section study of this important letter by the Apostle Paul.


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