Wi-Guan’s Adult Sunday L.I.F.E. Group


1 Corinthians: The Challenge of Life Together

Teacher: Wi-Guan Lim
Dates: Nov 7-Mar 6, 2011
Age Group: All ages | Rm: Moberly Library

Divisions, spiritual immaturity, internal bickering, sexual immorality, marital difficulties, misuse of spiritual gifts, disorder in the church – these were some of the problems plaguing the church at Corinth. The Apostle Paul confronts and corrects these problems in 1 Corinthians. He corrects their faulty theology and points them to the “most excellent way”. Are these issues relevant to our church today? Our goal is to study 1 Corinthians and see what God says, through the Spirit-inspired words of the Apostle Paul, to us – then you can decide for yourself. 

7 Introduction 1:1-9; Divisions in the Church 1:10-17
14 The Gospel (God’s “foolishness”) 1:18-2:5
21 God’s Wisdom (revealed by the Spirit) 2:6-16
26 Dealing with divisions in the Church 3:1-23

5 On being an apostle 4:1-21
12 Immorality and litigation 5:1-6:20
19 Marriage and related matters 7:1-40

9 Food sacrificed to idols (part I) 8:1-13, 10:1-13
16 Paul’s apostolic defense 9:1-27
23 Food sacrificed to idols (part II) 10:14-22; 10:23-11:1
30 Men and women in worship 11:2-16; Abuse of the Lord’s Supper 11:17-34

6 Spiritual gifts 12:1-31a
13 The most excellent way 12:31b-13:13
20 The need for intelligibility in the assembly 14:1-25; The need for order in the assembly 14:26-40
27 The resurrection of believers 15:1-58

6 The collection for God’s people 16:1-4; Concluding matters 16:5-18; Final greeting 16:19-24

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