Church Space Bookings

Please follow the steps below:

1. See calendars below to check the availability of rooms. 2. Book your space via email. 3. If you need audio/visual equipment…
Book Space To book space on Fridays or Saturdays between 5:00PM and 10:00PM. Please include event organizer name, date and time of booking, room number, and purpose of the event. LCD projectors are available for booking through this service.
Book Space To book space during regular time. To book a time on Fridays or Saturdays between 6:30PM and 10:00PM, please email [email protected]. If you’re going to be using more extensive Audio/Visual equipment or you require A/V support, please use this form.
Events If you want to see upcoming events. To book any other time slot, please email [email protected]. Send the completed form to [email protected]

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