NEW Social Concern LIFE Class this Fall

Fall 2012 Sunday LIFE class:
“A Christian worldview for social participation”

Teacher: Bill Chu
Start date: Sept 16
Time: 11:30AM-12:30PM
Location: VCBC E2

Social participation has been a difficult subject among many Christians. Most miss its relationship and significance to the Gospel and often narrowly equate it to charities, or relegate it to some optional Christian activities. Yet God’s plan is not that far away for those who seek His will.

This class is a wake up call to see the world not just as a place to work and enjoy, but as the object of our care arising out of a covenant relationship which is often missed.

By seeing the world not as non-believers see it but seeing it as the stage to manifest God’s sovereignty and redemption, we will begin to engage in its stewardship in meaningful ways and join the Creation in reflecting His glory.

Our Good News will not be just a proclamation boasting of a new life which is private and void of current communal relevance. A Christian worldview as God intended will enable us to see our stewardship as creation wide and deep. When His people manifest his sovereignty within our culture and history, it will allow the world in total disarray see a glimpse of His kingdom and a light in darkness.

The class will use material from “The Transforming Vision – Shaping a Christian World View” by Brian Walsh and J. Richard Middleton. For more information, contact Monica ([email protected]).

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