Message by Pastor Brian Lee

Text: Luke 10:25-37

As I was reflecting on how we can preach the word of God and live out the gospel with boldness and without hindrance, it makes me start wondering what are the things that we have already been doing as a community and how have we lived out this life. And all the times we think about outreach, we are very conditioned to what kind of programs we do as a church, what events we do as a church and bringing our friends and family to church. But when we look at the story of Jesus in the gospel, it’s not so much just the event itself nor bringing people into the church building. That’s not the all and end all of living out the gospel and sharing the gospel. So what does that outreach idea mean when we’re hearing from Jesus as to what outreach is? One word that helped me focus on the idea of outreach is the word BAE. According to Oxford dictionary, it’s actually an acronym which stands for “Before Anyone Else”. Today we are looking at the parable of the Samaritan that Jesus taught in the Book of Luke.

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