Church-wide Prayer Retreat – May 12

Church-wide Prayer Retreat – Will be on Saturday, May 12, 9:00am-noon, followed by a light lunch. Our church has been focusing on the five visions this year, and the Prayer Retreat is a good opportunity for us to pray for these visions together as a church family. These three hours will be time well-spent, passing by much faster than you would have thought. Come join us and spend some quality time with our Heavenly Father! We will start off with a time of praise & worship, followed by 90 min. of personal prayer, and then another 60 min. of either group or personal prayer. We will then share our experience and insight over lunch. Registration will start next week in the church basement, and will run until Apr 29. Interested participants can also email [email protected] to register. Please see insert for details.


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