50 Shades of Grey

Message by Pastor Brian Lee

Text: Psalm 13

Today I want to talk a little about the idea of mental health. Mental health originally was something dealing with our psychological and our spiritual well-being. But over time because of the signs and technological and medical advancement, a lot of times in our society it’s been reduced to something that’s merely medical that we can just treat with a 12 step program or something that we just use medication and we can overcome these problems. Not that these things are bad, but these things are not the only options or the only things that we apply and things get better as a result. Even when we look at the idea of Psalms and the idea of getting real with God, you’ll realize that a lot of these psalmists, as they go through these internal struggles, their internal psychological darkness in their lives, you realize that these are not things that popping anti-depressants and they’ll solve these problems for them. But there’s something even deeper, darker in their own spiritual journey that they need to tend to, to find that consolation with.

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