Not by Sight, But by Faith

Message by Pastor Sam Wong

Text: Psalm 133

Is this psalm really about unity?

v.1: Focus is on the action “live together”, not the condition “unity”

v.2-3: Three things that come down

  • Oil, Aaron’s beard, dew of Hermon
  • Questions to unlock this psalm:
    1. If this psalm is about unity, why only “vertical blessings” mentioned?
    2. What does oil, Aaron’s beard, and dew on Zion have to do with v.1?
    3. In v.3, God bestows blessings on a specific location in Zion, why there?

    A background check: Nehemiah 7:4; 11:1-2

    Discussion questions:
    1. Share your experience, if any, that God called you to do things that did not
    make sense to you?
    2. What does the term “spiritual blessing” mean to you? Give some examples?
    3. What are some of the obstacles against faith? How can we, as a group together,
    overcome them?

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