Leadership Team

The English Congregation Leadership Team (ECLT) is a group of people who coordinate the six focus ministries of the English Congregation here at VCBC. Each ministry is supported by a team of volunteers, who are willing to use their gifts for the church. If you’re interested in any of these groups, please don’t hesitate to contact them. The emails of each team leader are listed after each ministry description.


This team works with the pastoral staff in planning congregational worship experiences that are relevant, biblical, and contextual. This involves determining the themes, general music, special music, and service personnel. This team also assists the pastors in the planning of worship services for special seasons and activities (e.g. Advent, Lent and Easter, Thanksgiving, etc). Deacons and those who assist with the Ordinances (Lord’s Supper and Baptism) also relate to this team.

Team Leader, Michael She [email protected]


This team leads the church to identify opportunities for service locally and globally that fulfills its mission of forming men and women into genuine followers of Christ. This team provides information, training, and coordination of mission activities.

Team Leader, Henry Lew [email protected]


This team works with the pastoral staff to provide training and nurturing opportunities that lead people to spiritual maturity. This includes Bible study, leadership development, mentoring, seminars, and training in the spiritual disciplines.

Team Leader, Alfred Au [email protected]


This team focuses on those aspects of church life that contribute to and nourish the sense of fellowship and identity. This includes fellowships; small groups; congregation-wide events, such as retreats, BBQs, picnics; summer conference; etc. This team also deals with communications that contribute to the awareness of what is going on in the Body and also encourages members to become involved.

Team Leader, Flora Cheung [email protected]


This team helps identify areas in which members of the congregation can become involved in the community and the world as an expression of the gospel’s wholistic concern. This includes things such as, congregational-wide prayer ministry that helps in the development a Christ-like compassion, after-school tutoring programs, food kitchens, working with the homeless, ESL, etc. This is related to the mission statement’s emphasis on service and meeting human needs in the name of Christ.

Team Leader, Danita Cheng [email protected]


The purpose of the Children’s Ministry is to partner with parents to bring children into a relationship with Jesus Christ and to empower them through teaching, worship, and relationship building so as to serve and share Christ in the world.

Team Leader, Queenie Ng [email protected]


The pastors are responsible for communicating the faith through proclamation, teaching, and equipping the saints for the work of ministry. They lead the congregation by providing a vision that glorifies God by being faithful to the Gospel. They care for the congregation in ways that enable all members to grow to maturity in Christ. Deacons or lay caregivers are related to the Pastoral Team.

Youth Pastor, Brian Lee [email protected]bc.bc.ca


As members of the Board, the EC moderator and vice-moderator chair the ECLT and are responsible for coordinating, supporting, and representing the activities, ministries, and administration of the English Congregation. They value and welcome your enquiries and feedback on any aspect of our church’s ministries.

EC Moderator Tommy Cheung, EC Vice Moderator Winnie Lai-Fong [email protected]