Prayer Team

We encourage you to take time daily to stop, be still before the Lord, and pray – for being connected with God is the absolutely essential foundation of all we do as Christians.

“For my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.” –Isaiah 56:7

The Prayer Team serves through:

  1. Praying for You

  2. Communicate any prayer, concern, or note of praise/thanksgiving to God, to the pastors, using a pew card during Sunday worship services, or call (604.325.6314), email [email protected], or send a message via our website during the week. Prayer concerns are directed to the pastors and kept confidential, or if requested, are shared with the prayer team.

  3. Learning and Growing in Prayer

  4. We are currently working on providing resources to help in learning and growing in the area of prayer. If you have a specific question about prayer, send our prayer team an email.

  5. Prayer Retreat

  6. Held twice a year, these events provide opportunities to spend extended time with God in prayer. Prayer guides are provided, and the individual prayer time is concluded with a brief time of fellowship and sharing over a simple meal. Dates will be announced in the bulletin and on the website. The prayer retreats are hosted by the PCS Team in conjunction with the Cantonese and Mandarin congregations.

  7. Prayer Partners

  8. We invite you to be involved in praying for:
    a) congregational, urgent/immediate prayer requests
    b) Sunday worship services
    c) an English congregation focus ministry and its leadership

  9. PCS Prayer Team

  10. Assist the team in planning and organization of the prayer ministries

If you’re interested to know more about our Prayer Ministry or how to be involved, please contact Danita at [email protected]

The Prayer Team is a part of the VCBC Prayer/Care/Social Concern (PCS) Team.