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Jesus, Surrounded by Prayer

Sunday, December 16th, 2018

Message by Rev. Gilbert Nigh


1. John is an answer to prayer who prepares the way for Jesus. Luke 1:11-17

2. Jesus is an answer to prayer. Luke 2:28-32, 36-38

3. Jesus teaches us to pray. Luke 11:1-4; John 14:13-14

Summary: Jesus’ life was surrounded by prayer. The one who prepared the way was prayed for, the coming Messiah was prayed for and then Jesus modelled prayer and taught us to pray. Our response is simply to pray. We shouldn’t make prayer more complicated than it is. Instead we can simply follow the Lord’s Prayer, praying in the way that Jesus taught his disciples.

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Be Steady and Get Busy

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

Message by Pastor Gilbert Nigh

Text: 1 Corinthians 15:50-58

1. BE STEADY so that nothing moves you.

2. WORK HARD for God and his kingdom.

3. BE ENCOURAGED because your work will produce results.

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Know it. Do it.

Sunday, August 5th, 2018

Message by Pastor Gilbert Nigh

Text: Psalm 119:73-80

73 Your hands made me and formed me; give me understanding to learn your commands.
74 May those who fear you rejoice when they see me, for I have put my hope in your word.
75 I know, Lord, that your laws are righteous, and that in faithfulness you have afflicted me.
76 May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise to your servant.
77 Let your compassion come to me that I may live, for your law is my delight.
78 May the arrogant be put to shame for wronging me without cause; but I will meditate on your precepts.
79 May those who fear you turn to me, those who understand your statutes.
80 May I wholeheartedly follow your decrees, that I may not be put to shame.

1. How do you take in God’s word? Reading? Listening? Watching?
2. What might hinder your ability to listen? How could you overcome these?
3. What are areas of God’s word that you struggle to apply to your life?
4. What could you do to help you wholeheartedly follow God’s decrees?

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Still praising God!

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

Message by Pastor Gilbert Nigh

Text: Psalm 100

I planned to preach on Psalm 100 which is all about praising God. One of the things that came to mind as I was preparing the sermon is Acts chapter 16 where Paul and Silas have been arrested. They’ve been stripped and beaten with rod, thrown in prison, feet are in stocks and how did they respond in Acts chapter 16? They began to praise and sing hymns. So I was thinking about that as I was sitting in the waiting room, can I praise God in these times? Can I praise God no matter what situations we’re in? I felt God saying to me you’ve talked about this, about praising God in every situation, and now you get to live it.

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Power of God

Sunday, July 1st, 2018

Message by Pastor Gilbert Nigh

Text: Psalm 46

I was looking at a study this week and it was on busyness. And researchers from Columbia business school looked into this idea of busyness in our lives. And they found that those who were busier seemed to have elevated social status. Somehow busyness is equated with our value and our worth but into all of that comes God’s voice and God says to not be busy. He doesn’t say fill all your calendars with activities but he says be still and know that I am God. You will find that passage today in Psalm 46.

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